Data Scientist Series III–Evaluating “NoSQL” for your big data/analytics project

start: Sep 20, 2014 09:00AM
End: Sep 20, 2014 12:30PM

Venue: IIT Madras Research Park, 1 Kanagam Road, Tharamani, Chennai – 600113 Behind Ramanujam Infocity next to Tidel park, come via service road (next to Ginger Hotel), Chennai,

Description: Source:

a) Understanding the difference between a SQL and a NoSQL database
b) Various NoSQL databases, the core features
c) Identifying the need to deploy a NoSQL DB
d) Brewers CAP Theorem

2. Mongo DB
a) Overview of MongoDB
b) Design Goals for MongoDB
c) Server & Databases
d) Collection and Documents
e) Introduction to JSON and BSON
f) MongoDB in Action: Installation, CRUD Operations & Replica Set Sharding: Sharded Cluster

3. Apache Hbase
a) Introduction to HBase
b) HBase Cluster Architecture
c) System Architecture
d) Hbase in Action: Installation, MapReduce Integration, running Hbase commands, introduction to Hive using Hbase

4. Cassandra
a) Getting started with Cassandra
b) Various Cassandra features
c) Sharding and Share Nothing Architecture
d) High Availability and Fault Tolerance
e) understanding cassandra data model
f) Cassandra in Action: Installation, Run basic Cassandra commands, describing the Environment, System Keyspace, Peer-To-Peer, Gossip and Failure Detection, Integrating cassandra with hadoop, CQL

5. Dynamo DB
a) Introduction to Dynamo DB
b) Pros and Cons
c) Dynamo DB in Action: Dynamo DB API

500 Rs per candidate.