CTC – Basic #Photography Workshop & #Birding – #Chennai

start: Oct 18, 2014 09:30AM
End: Oct 18, 2014 06:00PM

Venue: ePagemaker (P) Ltd #4, 2nd Floor, G3 Building, Bharathi Nagar Cross Street, Off. L.B. Road, Near Sathya Nilayam, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 600041

CTC – Basic Photography Workshop & Birding
Date: Saturday, the 18th October 2014

Time: Classroom Session : 09.30 am to 01:30 pm
Birding : 03:00 pm to 06:00 pm

Location: ePagemaker (P) Ltd
#4, 2nd Floor, G3 Building, Bharathi Nagar Cross Street,
Off. L.B. Road, Near Sathya Nilayam,
Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 600041

Map: https://www.google.co.in/maps/place/ePagemaker/@12.980978,80.254424,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x3a525d5d629d82d7:0xea4840e25da07d16
Fee: Rs 100 per head (for renting projector and refreshments, balance if any shall go to CTC’s charitable activities)

When you buy a pair of blue aviators, you enjoy a new perspective of the world, don’t you? When you use a camera instead of the aviators, you may gradually realize that the unique way of seeing the world has been dormant in your mind. When that vision is evoked, it will become an active part of you – it will remain with you for life.

So, why not give the camera, and your photographer’s vision, a chance? Come, learn the fundamentals of photography and follow it up with an exciting photo walk. You could discover a whole new addiction that keeps your creative flame bright.
Like any other art forms, photography can give you a unique personal experience. Once you yearn to learn photography, you starting creating beautiful photographs. They say, a thing of beauty is a joy for ever. Once this creative spark catches fire, you will have an involving hobby and make a lot of friends. For me, what started as a hobby is now my profession and has given me freedom out of that cubicle with a Laptop. If you are one who wants to be a photographer, it is important to understand the how a camera works and the fundamentals principles of photography.

The CTCBasics of Photography Workshop is aimed at beginners who have just got bitten by the shutter bug and are longing to learn photography. We at CTC are ready to give a hand and raise you to a higher plane. This is a unique series where
I am dividing this workshop into three parts:

1) The classroom session on this Saturday morning the 18th Oct 2014, 09.30 am to 01.30 pm
2) A Birding session on this Saturday evening the 18th Oct 2014, 03:00 pm to 06:00 pm with a Birding expert
3) A review session of the photographs shot – on our online facebook group Whimsee

Who can attend?
Anyone who can appreciate the art of photography and having an intention to learn this art are welcome.

What to carry?
Carry the best camera and lenses that you have for the photo walk. Photographers carrying a DSLR with appropriate lenses will be able to appreciate the workshop better.

How to prepare yourself?
Come with a free mind and be prepared to make a lot of friends. Feel free to invite your friends.

What you get?
I am sure you will shoot better photographs than before after attending this workshop. If you attend this session , participate in giving photographs and attending the quiz post session you will have a certification of completion of Basic Photography Workshop issued by CTC (Soft Copy)

Topics to be covered:
• Fundamentals of Exposure
• Application of Photography Techniques like DOF
• Design Principles in Photography
• Choosing your Camera & Equipment
• Digital Post Processing & Workflow with Lightroom (Just an Intro).

If you need any details, please feel free to call me 🙂 We can have any discussion on our group Whimsee https://www.facebook.com/groups/WhimSee


Karthik Rajagopal
M: +91 9787718765