Indian #Linux Users Group #Chennai Monthly Meet – November 8, 3-6 PM, IITM

start: Nov 08, 2014 03:00PM
End: Nov 08, 2014 06:00PM

Venue: Classroom No 1, Aero Space Engineering, Near Gajendra Circle, IIT Madras.

Description: Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai [ ILUGC ] is spreading awareness on
Free Open Source Software in Chennai since Jan 1998. We meet regularly
on every month second Saturday with technical talks and discussions on
various Free software.

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We have our Meet on September 8, 2014

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ILUGC Monthly Meet :-

Time : Sat November 8, 2014 (3.00 – 6.00 PM)

Venue: Classroom No 1,
Aero Space Engineering,
Near Gajendra Circle,
IIT Madras.

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Talk – 1.

Topic ​:​

Workflows with Tmux

Description ​:​

Tmux, or Terminal MUltipleXer is a really sleek way to make your
terminal do a LOT more things that you thought it could. It manages
windows and panes like a BOSS. I usually work on a bunch of things –
some work related stuff, some open source projects, some side projecty
stuff, writing a blog post, etc. And all these things require my screen
to be in some format. One of the greatest things about tmux is its
ability to manage sessions. You can create a session and make your
splits in one fashion and when you are done with the work for that point
in time, you can detatch from that session and leave it right that way.
When you want to get back to it you can just pick up where you left off.

The true power of Tmux however lies in applying this session management
when you are working on remote boxes. Imagine working at home on a
remote box, closing your laptop, travelling to work and picking up
*right* where you left off. In addition, pair programming becomes an
ease with Tmux. It is super simple and it just works. Thats the beauty
behind it. In this session, I will try to explain some of the concepts
of Tmux that I have learnt in the past few weeks of using Tmux (Note:
I’m still a beginner) and the way I use it. I will also demonstrate its
power in remote machines and how to use it to pair program.

Links ​:​

Don’t have recordings of any previous talks. But you can find my previous
presentation slides over at

Duration ​:​ 30-45 mins

About Yourself ​:​

My name is Shrayas. I previously worked at SAP Labs Bangalore and now I
work with my father at Logic Soft Pvt. Ltd. helping to explore new
verticals and do new things. I love open source and the whole idea
behind F/OSS and have tried my best to contribute where ever I can to
them. I do most of my work in terminals with my trusty VIM and Tmux. I
currently am exploring Pythonand C# at work and side projects. Also I am
slowly trying to use FP languages like clojure and racket/scheme where
ever I can (though I’m horrible at it :D) Otherwise, I am basically from
the streets of Mylapore, Chennai. Did my B.Sc from Loyola (any loyolites
here?) and my MS during my tenure at SAP.

Talk – 2.

Topic: The GNU Emacs Calculator

Description: A tutorial on using Emacs Calc


Duration: 30 minutes

About Speaker: Shakthi Kannan is a Free Software enthusiast who blogs

Talk – 3.

Topic : Data Acquisition & Management using Arduino, Python, PostgreSQL

Description: Data Acquisition using Arduino and processing data using
Python and saving the data to PostgreSQL.

Duration : 30min

Speaker : Gowtham Raam

About Speaker : Working in ERP domain.


General group discussions on any queries, doubts, announcements, events
related to Free and Open Source Software and community.

CDs/DVDs can be shared on prior request.
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All are welcome. Entry Free

Note to the Speakers : Please do not bring proprietary OS.