THT Sixth Site Seminar – Talk on #Heritage Sites in #TamilNadu – Nov 16, 2-6, arkay, Maylapore, #Chennai

start: Nov 16, 2014 02:30PM
End: Nov 16, 2014 05:30PM

Venue: Arkay Convention Center, Mylapore, Chennai


Tamil Heritage Trust is pleased to announce the first meeting of Sixth Site Seminar.

Prof Swaminathan mooted and organized the concept of a Site Seminar, to familiarize a few individuals passionately interested in the heritage of the Tamil country, but clueless about where and how to start. His objective was to inspire to us know in depth and loving detail, the patrimony of artistic heritage – temples, monuments, paintings, sculptures, ad infinitum – that we have inherited, but are barely aware of; to visit such places, to imbibe the spirit of its creators, to soak in the scholarship of experts and researchers, to absorb the aesthetics and the history, and to pass it on to our colleagues and friends, families and future generations. This best done, in his mind, by reading the literature he or others has put together, by collecting and educating each other with backgrounds on it, by visiting such heritage sites for a few days in the company of experts, and then hopefully disseminating what we have learnt and felt.

Before the actual visit, participants prepare with a series of pre-visit talks and presentations. Many of these talks are given by experts in the fields related to place of visit. In addition, participants are themselves encouraged to research some aspect of the places and share their knowledge through pre-visit talk.

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