Chennaipy Python User Group Meetup

start: Jan 31, 2015 03:00PM
End: Jan 31, 2015 05:30PM

Venue: The Institute Of Mathematical Sciences, C.I.T Campus, 4th Cross Street, Taramani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600113, India

Description: Date & Time

31st January
3:00pm to 5:30pm

Ramanujan Auditorium, IMSc,
C.I.T Campus,
4th Cross Street,

Location map:,80.247170


Lightning Talks (40 min)
Networking over Tea sponsored by Zilogic Systems (20 min)
Lightning Talks (40 min)
Discussions (20 min)
Talk Details

# Image Processing with Python

Speaker: Akshaia Kumar

This talk will be brief description of software available for image processing,
various features, various outcomes that can be obtained, etc. Python will be used as the programming language. The talk will also cover various effects which are possible with the images along with how to code them.

# How Python Changed My View of Programming

Speaker: Rengaraj

My journey into programming started with Python. The talk is about how Python made me to dive into programing which I never liked at college. Example programs which I have backup of, and my first Python project.

# My journey with the world of Open Source

Speaker: Shrayas Rajagopal

This talk is about how I got into the world of Open Source and what it has done to me, both as a programmer and as a person. We’ll explore some of my earliest commits and Pull Requests as we go on a journey from then, till now.

# Exception Handling in Python

Speaker: Amritanshu Prasad

I will discuss the try-except protocol for exception-handling in python, explain the exception heirarchy and how to create new exception classes.

# PyStokes: A case study of accelerating Python using Cython

Speaker: Rajesh Singh

PyStokes is a Cython library for computing Stokes flows produced by spheres. The core of the library is written in Cython which can be called from pure python, so that the user can choose to work in pure python and still use the library. Read more on GitHub. I will also explain some basic usage of the Cython and how we have used it to accelerate our computations.

# Lessons from the Python Project: Hangman

Speaker: Vijay Kumar

As part of Chennaipy activities, we did a Hangman project. Some cool things we did as part of the project – unit testing, supporting Python 2 and 3, code coverage analysis, packaging and distribution. This talk will give an overview of the lessons from the Python Project.

# Build your own CPU: An introduction to HDLs and FPGA development using Python

Speaker: Shrikant Giridhar

The advent of affordable FPGAs with a decent number of gates has made hardware design accessible for anyone interested. But describing hardware accurately in software can be tricky. This is where HDLs come into the picture. And as with everything else, there is a Python library for easing into writing pure HDL code. This talk introduces development with MyHDL, a Python library to generate descriptions of digital hardware.


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New to Python?

if you are new to Python, you can make best use of the meetup, if you go through any of the following resources, before attending the meetup.

* Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python, Chapters 1 – 9

* Google’s Python Course (with Lecture Videos)

* How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, Chapters 1 – 12