Chenaipy Monthly Python user group meetup

start: May 23, 2015 03:00PM
End: May 23, 2015 05:30PM


Description: Saturday, May 23, 2015
3:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Needs a location

• Talks

• Networking Tea

• Talks

• Discussions


Web scraping with Selenium

Speaker: Sivasubramanyam

The Selenium webdriver can be used for scraping sites that generate contents using Javascript or AJAX calls. It basically simulates an user surfing the internet. If you do a lot of repetitive tasks everyday with browsers and the internet, then Selenium might be your saviour.

Predictive Models at Scale using Dumbo

Speaker: Nikhil Ketkar

The data science stack for Python is mature and robust. Libraries like Numpy, SciPy and scikit-learn allow data scientists to build predictive models easily. However, when it comes to making predictions on large volumes remains an operational challenging. Data scientists typically end up using Python just for prototyping models and then implement models in Java so they can leverage Hadoop. With libraries like Dumbo make it possible to build and run machine learning models in Python that can make predictions over very large datasets. The talk will describe the problem and the proposed solution with example code.

You Can be a Speaker Too

The talks will be short 20 min talks. If you are interested, in doing a talk at the meetup, please reply in the comments below, with a title and short description.

The Location will be updated soon. If you are interested register here or RSVP here