Saiva Siddhantham by Satguru Muthukumaraguru Swamy, March 5 – 5.30 pm, ARKAY HALL, Mylapore, #Chennai

start: Mar 05, 2016 05:30PM
End: Mar 05, 2016 07:30PM

Venue: Arkay Convention Center, 146/3 R.H.Road, OMS Lakshana (Above Shah Electronics), Mylapore, Chennai

Description: (Tamil Heritage Trust)


சைவ சித்தாந்தம் — ஒரு அறிமுகம்

(Introduction to Saiva Siddhantham)


சத்குரு முத்துகுமரகுரு சுவாமி

(‘Sathguru’ Muthukumaraguru Swamy)
at 5.30pm on Saturday, March 5th, 2016
Arkay Convention Center,
146/3 R.H.Road, OMS Lakshana (Above Shah Electronics), Mylapore, Chennai

About the Topic:

– Meaning and Importance of Saiva Siddhantham
– Key Proponents of, and Scriptures on Saiva Siddhantham
– Its deep relevance for spiritual sadhana
– Its commonality with Vedas and Agamas.
– Saiva Siddhantham in Pamban Swamigal’s Works.

About the Speaker:

Muthukumaraguru Swamy, aged 63, popularly called as ‘Sathguru’ is an ardent follower of Pamban Srimath Kumaragurudasa Swamigal, and an exponent of Pamban Swamigal’s Spirutual works. Since his late teenage years, he has lectured on many topics including Pamban Swamigal Songs, Saiva Siddthantham, Thirupugazh and Kandapuranam. He has also composed music for a number of Pamban Swamigals songs and Thirupugazh and conducts ‘Music-cum-lecture’ demonstration on select occasions. He is highly talented and blessed in delivering key messages hidden in various sastras and works of acharyas and captivates the audience making them spell bound and elevated.

He retired from Tamilnadu Government service as a Deputy Secretary in HR&CE department. He hails from a highly respectable family background, where his grandfather had the unique blessing of receiving Shanmuga Kavacham direclty from Pamban Swamigal. His father ‘Karumari Dasan’, is living exponent of Pamban Swamigal works, and has written more than 2 lakh songs on Karumari Amman.

S. Swaminathan –; 2467 1501
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