Chennai is the hub of Events.

There are many technical public event like hackathons, Software Users Group meetings, Product Launches, Startup events.

Non technical meetings like bloggers meet, tweetups, photography trainings, workshops

are happening around the city.

These events are announced in websites, blogs, event websites like meetup.com, eventbrite.com, facebook events, Google+ events etc.

But, there is no common place to check them all.

We set up a Google Calendar with all public events, added by a group of people.

The advantages of Google Calenders are

1. Email Notification

2. SMS notification

3. Multi user authoring

4. Subscription to other calendar tools

Here is the calendar:


Public iCal : https://www.google.com/calendar/ical/6ppkf92sp3one0i7al7inkahm8%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic.ics

Add the above link in your Calendar Application.

To Add this in your Google Calendar: https://chennaieventscalendar.wordpress.com/subscribe/

To get Events notifications via Email and SMS : https://chennaieventscalendar.wordpress.com/email-sms-notification/

How to add events : https://chennaieventscalendar.wordpress.com/how-to-add-events/

Email to tshrinivasan@gmail.com for Volunteering to add the events in this Calender.


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